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Did my SEO or Web Marketing guru steer me wrong?

Google may be attempting to significantly lower the signal strength generally afforded relevant backlinks to your website. This could be a significant blow to marketing strategies around the world. How will it affect your business?

Forbes magazine says your business needs a responsive website!

If Forbes says it then it must be true right? Yes indeed though Forbes was by no means the first creditable source so say so, they certainly perked the ears of many business owners. What exactly is Responsive Web Design? Take your cursor to the bottom right of your browser window and resize the window…go… Read more »

Server Outages for Hostmonster, Hostgator and BlueHost Customers

At 10:30a on New Years Eve, I became aware that my, and other client websites were down. This is the third time this year that these vendor servers crashed. Without question, these outages greatly affected daily business flow at an in-opportune time…the Christmas holiday week. The cause of the outage is unknown in all three… Read more »

Web Marketing and Web Design Trends for 2014

As a consultant, it is my job to distill web strategy information and to help businesses integrate this distillation. Part of this is determining marketing hype, the excitement of bleeding- or cutting-edge techniques and real-world information that has a present and future value to my clients and the projects I am hired to develop. 2014… Read more »

Will Google’s “Hummingbird” Update Affect my Business?

Widely considered a soft-launch, with little fanfare or specific information, Google continues its evolving strategy to return more relevant search results to a user query. Below is a distillation of Google’s Hummingbird update. What is Hummingbird? Hummingbird rolled out in early fall (a month prior to the announcement). It is believed to be an attempt… Read more »

The Value of Your Website Content

A client approached me the other day to discuss significant changes in their business strategy. Specifically, the principle is considering retirement, scaling back involvement to a consultant role, forming a partnership or selling the business outright. The question this client had for RAS Design Media was, “Where do the web properties of the business play… Read more »

How can I improve my website today?

When we talk about “Website Performance” it not only refers to the speed at which the page loads but also how the page is ranked with search systems (SERP), how many conversions the page inspires and the quality of that conversion. Here are some changes that you can make to your web strategy today, both… Read more »

Global WordPress Attacks – Important

I started reading reports about brute force attacks on WordPress sites late Friday afternoon. At the bottom of this article I have included some links that discuss the attacks. Though I have not been made aware of any clients at RAS Design Media being hit, there is always that possibility and I feel it best… Read more »