Responsive Web Design in Monterey

The first few seconds a potential customer is exposed to your online brand is crucial. Studies show a bad user experience can not only permanently remove that potential, it can propagate to others…equally so, a good user experience.

9 mistakes commonly made when building a website

  1. Design before you define
  2. Not setting measurable goals
  3. Not building a responsive website
  4. Writing content to fit your design
  5. Optimizing your website for SEO after it is designed and the content written
  6. Not developing a sustainable content strategy
  7. Not understanding the social media options available to your business
  8. Believing you HAVE to be on Facebook or Twitter or Linked In
  9. Not publishing engaging, fresh and informative content often

Integrated Web Design

web design examples for desktop, tablet, mobile and laptop

Responsive Web Design: Smart from the Start

It is vital to the long-term success and growth of any business or organization to have a strategic, integrated and modern web presence. Your website is the hub for lead-generation, message or sales, it anchors your brand and unique value proposition.

A successful web design strategy requires a broad knowledge of modern web technologies and methodologies and an assessment as to which of these will most efficiently achieve, sustain and grow with the goals your business. An integrated web design requires strategic planning and development.

RAS Design Media works with your organization to clearly define key goals, markets, design, social engagement and content strategies. These variables are then applied to:

  • A modern responsive design and implementation strategy
  • A scalable website to grow as your organization grows
  • A website designed with successful search engine optimization in mind from the beginning, as recommended by Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • A partnership for continuity and growth after our project is complete

RAS Design Media can help take your business or organization to the next level with a modern and integrated web design strategy. Call today [phone text only] and let’s get work!