SEO Success for your Business

RAS Design Media uses successful SEO techniques recommended by Google and Bing Webmaster Guidelines and industry leaders in search engine optimization. These are real-world techniques that will help your business improve organic page ranking, increase visibility and improve the quality of your conversions.

10 SEO Mistakes Commonly Made

  1. Design before you define
  2. Not include geo-location in your strategy
  3. Not including long-tail search terms in your strategy
  4. Improper URL structure
  5. Duplicate content
  6. Not create unique title tags
  7. Ignore alt tags
  8. Not understanding that SEO is now about social relevance
  9. Disregard page load times
  10. Ignoring SEO once the website is launched

If you have a website already, a SEO Site Assessment can get your conversion efforts back on track. RAS Design Media can help your business by offering a comprehensive analysis of a web property. You can learn more about this search engine optimization assessment here.

SEO: A Critical Juncture for Success

An SEO strategy should be developed BEFORE a website is designed or content assets gathered. A successful web design project begins with SEO, develops around SEO and succeeds with SEO.

A successful website design should be optimized in both code and content and adapt as search system algorithms evolve. Optimized content should engage the user AND entice a search system to index the webpage. Code should properly structure all types of content assets in a logical and hierarchical order and serve that content in an efficient manner (page load times). Your link and link equity strategy should be by design not by default.

SEO, Content Management and Social Engagement

It is important for companies to understand that it is not all about keyword placement on a webpage anymore. Social Relevance signals at a page and domain level are quickly gaining signal weight in organic SERP. Successful, organic SEO is largely about your site content and how effectively that content is structured and distributed throughout other marketing or social channels AND how that content is shared by others.

Any successful SEO strategy should make quality content authorship and distribution a priority…favorable SERP cannot exist without it. A symbiotic relationship must be developed between SEO, Content Creation/Management and Social Engagement. Successful SEO cannot exist without it. Done well and your business will do well…poorly and your business presence will be lost to interior search result pages.

Analyze and Improve—Data Driven Decisions

How is your website performing?  Are you tracking your website statistics?

  • Are you tracking incoming calls and emails?
  • Are you monitoring your site metrics on a regular basis?
  • What are the sources of entry for visitors?
  • What is the bounce rate for your home page or a landing page?
  • How many calls or email inquiries did your staff receive last week?

Search engine optimization measurement tools such as Google Analytics or PiWiki provide a wealth of information about your website and the visitors of a webpage.

Digest of SEO Analytic figures.

Are you analyzing your website analytics?

After the initial SEO strategy is developed and deployed, the dynamic cycle of “analyze, improve and implement” begins. This is continuity, these are data driven decisions. RAS Design Media can help to maintain the continuity after the initial site launch or develop this continuity with an existing web property.

Is your Current Website Optimized for Success?

Do not give up on your existing website! A SEO Website Analysis can significantly improve the success of your existing website. RAS Design Media perform a comprehensive SEO analysis of your current web site. You can learn more about this search engine optimization assessment here.

RAS Design Media can help your business increase its online visibility and transform page hits to high-quality conversions by helping your business leverage the value of your product, service or message using common sense, time-proven and forward-thinking SEO methods.

“You can design the best billboard with the best message in the world but if it is hidden in a forest who is going to see it?”

—Roger Smith, Owner RAS Design Media