SEO Assessment for my Website

Need to improve your search engine visibility? Qualify your customers better? RAS Design Media can provide your business with a comprehensive SEO site assessment. This analysis includes:

  • A SEO Primer for your staff and content authors
  • Benchmarks for the web property
  • Market Saturation
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research – Primary and Long-Tail
  • Domain Name, Hosting and Brand assessment
  • Anatomy of an Optimized Webpage
  • Optimized Images for the Web
  • On-Site Review of Web Property
  • On-Site Optimization – Webpage Recommendations
  • Off-Site Optimization – Social Engagement Strategies
  • Recommendations for Improvement – AI List

What can a Search Engine Optimized Website do for your Business?

  1. Significantly increase your site traffic
  2. Pre-qualify your customers
  3. Engage users for longer periods
  4. Increase your page rankings for strategic keywords and long-tail search terms
  5. Increase your conversions using targeted CTA (Call-to-Action)

Are you Ready to Grow your Business?

Let us begin with an analysis of your current web property. We will first sit down and discuss the goals of the business, your customer demographics and how to best interact with those customers. From there research begins. Existing site metrics are evaluated and benchmark numbers are set for post-analysis comparison. Competitors are evaluated to locate their SEO strengths and vulnerabilities. Current keyword strategies are evaluated and compared to more targeted keyword research. Long-tail research expands this evaluation.

This is just the beginning of a SEO analysis for your website. Once the analysis is complete and recommendations are provided, RAS Design Media can help you to implement these recommendations, help monitor their success and advice on future course direction.

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