The Value of Your Website Content

October 11, 2013 by Roger Smith

A client approached me the other day to discuss significant changes in their business strategy. Specifically, the principle is considering retirement, scaling back involvement to a consultant role, forming a partnership or selling the business outright. The question this client had for RAS Design Media was, “Where do the web properties of the business play into this transition?” What value do these properties (blog site and static site) add to the business? What value does the social authority of the new partner have? Have these metrics be documented? Can the value of these metrics add value to the negotiations? And if so, how do you value them?

What about the informative content of the website? The knowledge base developed via a catalog of blog posts? It is important to consider the fact that web content extends the business brand and increases its value.

Businesses are motivated to create fresh engaging content to help build social relevance, authoritative voice, social engagement and provide for positive page ranking. Is this the only value of that content or does that content possess a secondary long-term value?

Well-written, engaging and informative content develops a value of its own over time. Imagine and attorney who, on a bi-weekly basis, publishes an article to their website. This article, or knowledge, has value. The user gains the immediate benefit of the informative content, the web property owner, the marketing value and the business, over time, the value of the collective content of the website.

These are considerations most businesses should consider not only during large scale shifts in business direction but before, preferable at beginning of the web development project. Look ahead 1, 2, 3 and even 5 years down the road. How will this knowledge base be categorized? How will the archives be accessed? Will the content age gracefully or will it need to be updated? How can you leverage, qualify and quantify the value of your business expertise? How can you continually contribute to the value of the information you publish to your website and in turn distribute about the appropriate marketing channels?

Your website can add value to your business…done well, great value. If you have been proactive in using your website and the distribution of its content to its full potential you will reap long-term rewards.

Invest in your business! Fresh, useful and engaging content with targeted distribution throughout multiple channels! Become the authority!

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Portrait of Roger Smith, owner of RAS Design Media

Roger Smith is the owner of RAS Design Media, a web design studio in Monterey, California and has been building websites since 2006. He focuses on enabling business growth via modern web technologies and successful web strategies.

When not working Roger can be found kayaking along the magical central coast or photographing the beauty that surrounds us.

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