How can I improve my website today?

August 18, 2013 by Roger Smith

When we talk about “Website Performance” it not only refers to the speed at which the page loads but also how the page is ranked with search systems (SERP), how many conversions the page inspires and the quality of that conversion. Here are some changes that you can make to your web strategy today, both on- and off-site, that will give your website performance a boost…often times quite a bit.

  • Create unique page titles that include location
  • Text-based URLs
  • Yelp/Google+  reviews
  • Create a Google+ Page
  • Monitor site analytics
  • Call/Email Tracking

Create unique page titles

The page title for a webpage is the text you see at the top of the chrome on your browser. This title should be unique, contain the relevant keyword associated with the page content AND include a location if your business is location-bias. This title should also be less than 74 characters including punctuation and spaces. This is a good opportunity to learn how to use the character count feature in your favorite text editor!

Text-based URLs

The URL is the address that is often visible at the top of your browser e.g. This entire URL should be text based rather than a string of numbers or chaotic alpha-numeric characters. More complex sites will have a harder time with this but it is worth the effort.

Whereas a standard webpage URL often looks like this,”23219skl”, it is much more effective to look like this, This is a much more user- and search system-friendly URL

Important: If you are changing an existing URL structure it is critical for to have 301 redirects in place…I can’t stress the importance of this.

Yelp & Google+ Reviews

Entice your past and current customers to leave either a Yelp or Google+ review with the business profiles you have set up with these two social channels. Get reviews and get them often!

Create a Google+ page

Regardless of your target audience, you need a Google+ page. At the very least this helps Google connect the dots to your business. Though lackluster in performance for many businesses, I think Google+ is on the rise and should not be overlooked. In fact I think it could become a powerful social force.

Monitor Site Analytics

It is important to know how your site is performing. How many visitors did your site receive? What is the bounce rate? These simple metrics alone can help you to gauge how well you have designed your website and the content. Site Analytics can be a powerful ally. Monitoring your site analytics can all help to gauge the success of your SEO strategies.

Call/Email tracking

I leave this one to the end not because it is the least important in fact I think it could be the most important. All the work to improve the performance of your website means nothing if you have no way of gauging the success of the changes. Organizations get caught up with big data that begins with page hits and visits but if you get 1000 page visits or 50 emails conversions but none engage your business further then those visits or conversions are worthless yet your staff has spent a great deal of time responding to those queries. I’d rather get 10 page visits and 2 calls that funnel down to an actual sale than 1000 hits, 50 calls and 2 sales.

Call and Email tracking will help you to determine if you are properly qualifying your customer at the website level. If your customer is not qualified it is a likely indicator of a problem at a website level. Pre-qualifying your customer at the website level will save your office a tremendous amount of time.

So there it is, successful web strategies that you can implement today!

These are basic but powerful changes that can get your website working harder for your business. Implement these and you will receive more favorable page rankings, improve the quality of your conversion and get your business growing!

RAS Design Media can help you to implement these and more effective web strategies. Give my office a ring at [phone text only] and let’s get to work!

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